CS678 Advanced Natural Language Processing

Massive amounts of information in our daily life are expressed in natural language. In this class, we will study building computing systems that can process, understand, and communicate in natural language. The class will start with an introduction to the foundations of natural language processing (NLP), and then focus on cutting-edge research problems in NLP. Each section will introduce a particular problem or phenomenon in natural language, describe why it is difficult to model, and demonstrate recent models that were designed to tackle this problem. In the process of doing so, the class will cover different techniques that are useful in creating neural network models, including handling variably sized and structured sentences, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning, structured prediction, and so on. The class will include assignments culminating in a final project.


Antonios Anastasopoulos (antonis [at] gmu [dot] edu) and Sina Ahmadi (sahmad46 [at] gmu [dot] edu)
Office Hours: see syllabus.


Syeda Sabrina Akter (sakter6 [at] gmu [dot] edu) Office Hours: Thu 2-4, ENGR 4456
Prabin Bhandari (pbhanda2 [at] gmu [dot] edu) Office Hours: Wed 2:30-4:30, ENGR 4456


Section 001: Thursday, 4:30 to 7:10 PM, Innovation Hall 105.
Section 002: Monday, 7:20 to 10:00 PM, Horizon Hall 2014.